Permit management – Public dialogue – Participatory processes


Stakeholder management – Acceptance communication – Planning process expedition


Hendricks & Schwartz is a leading strategic consultancy and service provider in the field of policy and communication in the German-speaking world. We specialise in business and project positioning and in the active management of relevant stakeholders from politics and public administration; market and competition; the media; science, academia and research, and the relevant sections of the public.

We establish dialogue with state and municipal decision-makers, give force and impact to your plans in communication with the public and act as mediator between the various stakeholders. In short, we drive forward project implementation and help secure the existing activities of our clients.

Alongside analysis, monitoring and conceptual consultancy, we provide ongoing operational support for your strategic business interests.

„None of our project strategies come from a manual. Each is tailored to the objectives of our clients, their particular situation and the specific environment.“

Dr. Marc Tenbücken

Founder & Managing Director


The management of critical stakeholders is at the centre of our work. We strategically involve all parties, package your strong arguments in effective messages that are heard, and activate advocates. All this to ensure the smooth and speedy implementation of your project. Our portfolio includes all the tools needed for the active management of relevant stakeholders – both for urgent deployment and for long-term strategic positioning.

Intelligence, research and monitoring

Analysis of stakeholders, issues and processes

Monitoring for relevant developments

Background information

Strategic consultancy and sparring

Implementation-oriented positioning and communication strategies

Campaign design

Networks and networking

Access to relevant decision-makers due to an established network and the contacts of the Senior Advisory Board

Preparation for and active support in discussions


Print, online and social media material

Planning, organisation and implementation of campaigns, information events and dialogue


Comprehensive stakeholder management and management of all campaign aspects

Coordination of all serviceproviders

Management accounting for results and costs


Thirty colleagues from a broad academic background provide time-critical and complex services of a consistently high quality. We maintain our strict standards by selecting the right staff and providing continuous professional development, and their work as lecturers and speakers at conferences and prestigious universities is testimony to the success of our approach.

The staff at Hendricks & Schwartz have years of experience at all levels of politics, in associations, in international organisations and in the private sector. While our research and analysis team generates key data using structured processes, our Senior Advisory Board of former top decision-makers from politics and public administration, business, media, science and academia and the NGO sector gives us unprecedented access to important background information.

Dr. Marc Tenbücken Managing Director
Daniel Schreyer Director
Head of
Real Estate & Urban Development
Arnold Vitez Manager
Head of
Infrastructure & Large-Scale Projects
Philipp Heimerl Senior Consultant
Deputy Head of
Real Estate & Urban Development
Birte Wiele Senior Consultant
Deputy Head of
Infrastructure & Large-Scale Projects


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