Infrastructure projects increasingly face a critical public and conflicting political interests. Conventional approval procedures and project communication tools often fail to achieve acceptance amongst the relevant stakeholders. Our comprehensive approach to permit management and dialogue helps to ensure a speedy and successful outcome.

We effectively implement all our concepts on the basis of careful analysis of the local situation – for everything from planning permission to public dialogue and participatory processes.


The management of critical stakeholders is at the centre of our work. We strategically involve all parties, package your strong arguments in effective messages that are heard, and activate advocates – all to ensure the smooth and rapid implementation of your project.


We actively support our clients in achieving their desired positioning and managing relevant stakeholders on the basis of analysis and strategy. At our disposal is the entire public affairs and public relations toolbox. We are hands-on consultants who are there on the ground to help you engage with people and build acceptance for your project.

Our work on infrastructure & large-scale projects focuses on the following areas:

We develop strategies for communication with political and public administration players to facilitate your planning and approval processes.
We develop formats for dialogue to generate acceptance of your project on the part of the relevant municipal and public stakeholders.
We create modern participatory concepts to channel resistance and reach resolutions without conflict.
We develop campaigns so that your concerns are heard in processes of direct democracy.


In over 15 years, Hendricks & Schwartz has assisted numerous national and international project developers, public-sector players and municipalities to realise their projects in an accelerated manner and without major conflicts.

Tunnel project in Bavaria
Hendricks & Schwartz accompanied the strategic communication for a state building authority in a controversially discussed tunnel project. Through a consistent reorientation of the project presentation, target group-specific information events and regular social media activities, the acceptance of the project among the local population was significantly increased.
Electricity grid expansion in Baden-Württemberg
Hendricks & Schwartz supports a transmission system operator in the strategic dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the context of grid expansion and grid reinforcement measures.
With the help of a comprehensive information campaign based on an open dialogue, resistance was reduced and planning accelerated.
Public transport project in a major German city
Hendricks & Schwartz supported a municipal transport company in communicating with politics, administration and the concerned public. The focus was on building up a resilient goodwill reservoir and on creating broad acceptance for local expansion measures in the future.


Infrastructure & Large-Scale Projects

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